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In final week of the regular season, there was also good news for the Chiefs, Patriots and Rams, but the Vikings and Steelers had their seasons end. In 1964, an Army cadet made a wager with a Navy midshipman about the outcome of the annual game. But the bet was never paid off. Until now. Courtney Wood, 19, was left in excruciating pain as her skin began to blister from the heat almost immediately and still hasn't recovered her sight in her left eye. KIERAN GILL Marco Silva has indicated Everton have to spend money if they want to stand a chance of competing for the top six. Everton currently sit 10th in the Premier League. A quarter-century after genocide, Rwandas economy will get a major boost via a 250 million-strong common market with Ethiopia. Because of an F.D.A. labeling change, many consumers will learn that added sugars are in many products generally thought to be healthy. Copper Cow Coffee, from California, makes coffee kits for Vietnamese coffee and Thai iced tea. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's alliance won Bangladesh's election with a thumping majority, the country's Election Commission said on Monday, giving her a third straight term following a vote that the opposition rejected as rigged. Ethnic tensions are worsening in Bosnia two decades after a bloody, bitter war. The divide is most obvious inside the countrys segregated schools.
Ma Chunyan's hands appear to hold Vincent Van Gogh's swirling dreamscape vision of the night sky, the painter's iconic work "The Starry Night". Research points to both advantages and disadvantages. In the end, its a personal choice. A team of medical researchers in the U.S. and Portugal say they've created an electronic device that is applied to skin or organs similar to a temporary tattoo. They hope it may be used to operate prosthetic limbs and treat conditions including Parkinson's disease. Matthew Larotonda reports. Ms. Omar, Democrat of Minnesota, says America is not the golden land she learned about as a Somali refugee. I wasnt comfortable with that hypocrisy. A strange journey to the glitter factory.
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